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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I wonder who am I going to vote this upcoming 2022 election. The candidates aren't that much pleasing to me. I must ask Calix to help decide.
  • Goodday, everyone! Calix is here to encourage you all to save your delicate votesfor the person who really deserve our votes, our votes can help change thefuture so vote wisely.
  • Hey, Calix, have you already decided whom are you going to vote?
  • Uhm,not that much. I don't even considering voting this election.
  • Calix is undecided if he's going to vote for the upcoming election, I'm worried that someone or many like Calix aren't considering to vote.
  • Vote the person who already did something and can still do something, look for theirlegitimate background for you to easy to decide who is who. That's all, thankyou. Don't let your future be bought.
  • What's up, Paula? What's with the sudden meeting?
  • Do you, guys, have any suggestions to encourage every voters to use their votes correctly?
  • Are you fine with that, Calix?
  • Yes! His social media accounts has a lot of engagements, that would do the work.
  • Yes, of course!
  • You know, Paula, Calix is quite famous! Why don't he try to film himself encouraging everyone?