Unknown Story
Updated: 11/14/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • The two friars, Father Damaso and Sibilya, verbally spar with one another for the seat at the head table. Wherein at the end Father Siblya wins the seat.
  • “Lieutenant, here we are in the world, not in the church. Here the seat is yours.”
  • "It's okay, you can take it."
  • Captain Tiago ordered to served the Tinola which contain chicken, with white squash and broth. Father Damaso get the undesirable part of the chicken.
  • Ibarra says he must go, reassuring Tiago that he will return the next day before going to San Diego.
  • "Why did I only get the neck and wing part of the chicken?!"
  • The guest turn their attention to Ibarra and ask him about his stay in Europe.
  • How was your studies in Europe?
  • “That’s it? It doesn’t seem worth it to waste all that money just to find out such an insignificant thing. Any schoolboy knows that.”
  • “a people’s prosperity or misery [lies] in direct proportion to its freedoms or its inhibitions and, along the same lines, of the sacrifice or selfishness of its ancestors.”
  • Instead of arguing with friar, Ibarra left from the crowd, Captain Tiago tried to stop him
  • "I must leave."
  • "Don't leave yet, Maria Clara will arrive soon"
  • "I must go, but I will return tomorrow"
  • Later that evening, the young blond man writes about the party in his journal: how tinola can ruin a feast and why should Indio should not be allowed to read or travel outside the Philippines.