Updated: 2/13/2020

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  • England territory in America before Roanoke expansion:
  • Reason for settlement:
  • England territory in America after Roanoke exspansion:
  • Exspansion!
  • Major problem:
  • My queen, I've come to request more supplies for the Roanoke colo-
  • John,you must fight in the war with Spain, we need more men.
  • My solution:
  • John White will come for more supplies, you mustn't send him to war or the colony of Roanoke will disappear.
  • Oh my Goodness! I had no Idea.
  • The reason for England's settlement was mainly to expand its territory throughout the new world, (America) but also to find riches like gold and silver.
  • John White, the leader of the second Roanoke expedition, asked for more supplies because the colony wasn't doing well and they needed more, but the queen wanted John to help fight in a war with Spain and when he returned, the colony was gone.
  • I would travel back in time and warn the queen of England not to send John White of to war, but to give him the supplies he needs.