Unknown Story
Updated: 11/22/2019
Unknown Story

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  • It was in Japan, Province of S...
  • Its ok son, you are safe.
  • The tide seems tp have gone far back, I wonder why?
  • The seventh man is in group theraphy and tells the story of the typhoon that devasted his home town.
  • I couldv'e saved him..
  • The seventh man is in his house during the typhoon along wth his family.
  • Should I look at the paintings?..
  • K and the seventh man go to the beach during the eye of the strom and they notice that the tide has receeded.
  • The tide returns, along with a tsunami. The seventh man manages to escape just in time, but couldn't alert K, who ended up being swallowed by the wave.
  • The seventh man is traumatized by the expierience and leaves his home town. Years later he recieves a box from his brother that contained K's paintings. After observing them he decides to return to his home town one last time.
  • The seventh man goes to his home town's beach, and after returning to the place that he lost his best friend, he realizes that he has finally left his fear behind and starts over in life.