Science Biome Comic
Updated: 6/16/2020
Science Biome Comic
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  • So my friend and I are actually going to explore a desert today, I wonder what we’ll find!
  • I’m pumped!
  • I find it so interesting that plants are still growing in the desert when its so hot and especially with all the climate change happening!
  • Yes, it is! Although GHG are not good for any other place, for deserts it’s actually pretty amazing! They get all the Carbon dioxide they might need for growing big and tall. This helps out atmosphere, because there’s not as much carbon dioxide floating around.
  • Oh no! It’s a wildfire! We must call the fire department!
  • Well, when the trucks come onto the desert they ruin the habitats, so they had to go on special prearranged trails, so it took them longer! Speaking of excitement, I forgot all about a drink in all this chaos! Is there anywhere to drink anything...
  • Wow, what an experience! I‘m so grateful that the fire engine came, but boy did they take a while! It’s so weird! Why do you think?
  • It’s scary, but I saw in the news today that because of global warming, the chances of a drought in the desert are really high, which might mean we won’t be able to get water till we get to the car!
  • They head back to the car to enjoy some fresh water from the cooler
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