Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • In the ocean/ evaporation
  • condensation/precipitation
  • Glacier/ run-off
  • Hi i'm Drippy and your going be companying me on my journey of the water cycle with me! Right now I'm in the ocean. Oh look I'm evaporating already when you evaporate you turn from a liquid to a gas or more specifically water vapor!
  • human
  • I just evaporated now in turning back into a liquid this is called condensation. LOOK I'm about to precipitate that is when it rains, hails, sleets or ,snows.
  • Transpiration/ plant
  • I landed on that glacier but I didn't get soaked up so I slipped down into a river now here I am what just happened is called run-off
  • End
  • wow i've been in this river for a long Time. oh look it's a human drinking out of the river oh noooooooooo he's drinking me.
  • ewwwwww I can't believe he just peed me out! but no at least I can just get by getting sweated that is called transpiration.
  • Thank you for taking this wonderful adventure with me hopefully I will see you again!
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