Allegory Cave
Updated: 2/22/2021
Allegory Cave

Storyboard Text

  • Imagine In A World, Where Humans Lived Their Everyday Lives. Did Their Errands And Spent Time With Their Families. There Were People...
  • And These People Have Lived Underground For Most Of Their Lives. They Were Considered...
  • Prisoners. These Prisoners Were Chained And Shackled Up, In A Way, Where They Could Only See In front Of Them. They Were Unable to Turn Their Heads. A Fire Blazing Behind Them. They Were Shown Shadows Of Different Objects. Now the Prisoners Weren't Fazed and Were Even Used To Seeing These Shadows On The Cave Wall.
  • Then One Day, A Prisoner Was Set Free. He Didn't Know What To Expect When He stepped Out Of The Cave. He Was Nervous To Face The Reality Of A World That Wasn't Just Shadows. It's All He's Ever Known. As He Stared At The Fire He Was Shocked By What The Guard Was Revealing To Him About The Shadows He's Been Seeing Since FQorever.
  • Once The Man Stepped Outside, He Was Astonished And Amazed. The Sun Shining In His Face. The Grass Wet Beneath His Feet. And Other People Laughing And Having Fun With One Another. He was Star Struck. The Former Prisoner Was So Excited By What He Saw, He Decided To Go Back And Tell The Remaining Prisoners About His Findings.
  • But, None Of The Prisoners Believed Him. They Felt They Were Being Set Up Or It Was A Trap. They Even Threatened The Poor Man.
  • We Do Not Believe. Leave And Never Come Back Or We Will Torture You And cause You A Painful And slow Death.