Updated: 6/7/2018
             THE DRAGON

Storyboard Text

  • i am jake the dragon slayer that dragon has killed to many of our villagers i will slay him!!! i will go to his cave.
  • you mean dragon, you will no longer hurt my villagers! oh no my sword!
  • RRRRROOOOAAARRR!!! you cannot defeat me i am to powerful !!!!! i ate 713 villagers in 3 months. muhahahahahahaha!! take FIRE!!!!
  • looks like its the end for you muhahahahaha!!!!!!
  • aaaahhhhh!!!!!!
  • GET OFF HIM !!!
  • Jake is very mad there is a dragon that has been eating everyone and Jake wants to do something about it so he goes to the dragon. he aso has a freind named comrad he left him a note to tell him where jake was going
  • nnnnnooooooo !!!! how could you.
  • you fools put me in rage ultimite fire GO !!!!!
  • take sword you mean dragon!!!!!  you turned comrad to ash!!
  • Jake fought the dragon with a epic battle until the dragon broke jakes sword
  • aaaahhh!!! the sword eh i cannot die eh but i can be eh defeated so when i am i sleep forever ......... bleh
  • jake had nothing to protect himself with looks like this was the end ...wait comrad came to save the day !!
  • I will miss you comrad 
  • we we all miss you comrad we wont miss dragon thogh hes mean
  • this made the dragon more mad so he went in rage in rage dragon makes a huge fire.
  • this made jake so mad he threw a sword in to the dragons chest
  • a few days later jake had a funeral for comrad and brough dragon there to so he buried both of them he bureid dragon because he's not mean.
  • RIP dragon