Robert Smalls
Updated: 1/22/2020
Robert Smalls
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  • Impact of Exploration: Robert Smalls
  • Robert Smalls' Life and Legacy
  • Robert Smalls' Life and Legacy
  • By Maddie Ciampaglia
  • Application to Grapes: Politics
  • Robert Smalls was born in 1839 on a Plantation in Beaufort, South Carolina. Later on he was moved to Charleston where he worked as a waiter, a driver, and eventually a sailor due to the outbreak of the Civil War. In 1862, he seized control of a confederate ship with a few other slaves. They were able to successfully pass each confederate checkpoint and eventually made it to the Union, where Robert handed over all of the ammunition and weapons that the ship carried.
  • Application to Grapes: Social Structures
  • After doing so he rose to fame among the Union, joined their army, and became even more of an esteemed war hero especially in the naval forces. He later became a politician in the House of Representatives of South Carolina where he worked to prevent the discrimination of African Americans and paved the way for many other African Americans to join politics and make a stand for their rights.
  • Was his impact more positive or negative?
  • As a slave under the southern confederacy, politics had hurt Smalls by revoking his rights and forcing him to work against his will, but in successfully escaping and transporting confederate goods to the Union he became an esteemed war and naval hero which helped him get voted into office, eventually leading to politics helping him in the end.
  • Exploration had a huge impact on Robert Smalls in society, his bravery in seizing the confederate ship led to him gaining a position of a war hero instead of a slave, which gave him enough of a platform to become a famed politician, one of the first African Americans to do so.
  • His impact was way more positive than negative. Not only was he able to give more positive representation to African Americans through his heroism, he was able to pave the way for more African Americans in politics, and even normal life in that time in working for their rights and fighting against the upcoming Jim Crow laws when no one else would. 
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