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Updated: 6/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Finally, We arrived!
  • Finally, I could enjoy my old age with those gold!
  • I miss my fiancé so much, I can't wait for my wedding.
  • I can't wait for going home
  • yeah! I wish I was there. I miss you guys so bad. Do you guys want to tell me about your trip?
  • we were having so much fun there, i wish u were there too
  • we were having a great time and we met the great people with their fantastic experiences
  • I also saw a lots of buildings that have an unique architecture
  • Soon, I will going to trip with my husband!
  • Actually, I didn't really enjoy the view because I was too focused for the treasures
  • AAHHH! I miss that trip already and I miss the food there.
  • It must have been a cool trip!
  • Yeah! I miss the people that I met and talked about our experiences and stuff.
  • Good Night guys! Have a good sleep.
  • Okey! Bye Professor. Good Night!
  • Okey, I want to sleep first. Because it was a long trip. Good Night Professor!