Updated: 4/21/2020
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  • Socio-Cultural Approach
  • sorry WHO now?
  • 1+4=700
  • christopher, I wanted to ask...
  • "'
  • Functional Approach
  • what do you mean $47,000 i'm so broke at the moment
  • man what made you think we'd give you a free nosejob...
  • Historical Approach
  • ...thanks mum i tried... so have you been looking for that job yet dad
  • _
  • good job on the 75% on your test son
  • It is inappropriate or unacceptable and would be considered abnormal to call anyone older than you by just their name in Korea.
  • Medical Approach
  • what do you mean $47,000 for rhinoplasty im so broke at the moment
  • It would be considered abnormal for someone to voluntarily stay unemployed as it interferes from them being able to function effectively in society (and in their personal lives).
  • Statistical Approach
  • ...right there dad...
  • so where are the dogs darl
  • Before the 80s, people often smoked in public indoor areas such as restaurants- only in 2007 it became illegal to smoke indoors. Before then, it was widely considered normal and acceptable behaviour.
  • Situational Approach
  • 1+8=789
  • oh my gosh why is he back and why is he wearing that
  • If someone is behaving in a way which could be diagnosed as schizophrenia, that behaviour would likely be considered abnormal.
  • so when are you going to get me that puppy dad
  • If someone had an IQ that deviated highly from the average range, it would be considered abnormal.
  • i literally cannot see any animals anywhere
  • It would be considred abnormal for a teacher to wear an animal costume on his first day back at work as opposed to, for example, at a costume party.
  • i- was i absent for something?
  • welcome back teacher...
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