Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • What have I learned from observing my friends and myself?
  • After I observe my friends and myself, I can conclude that being a teacher is not easy, we must prepare a lot of things and we also need to be able to engage our students. I also learned confident is the most valuable skill,
  • What are my struggles, difficulties, challenges in my micro-teaching class? 
  • The difficulties are mostly come from within myself. I think the problem are mostly about my self-confidence and grammatical matters. I also feel a bit nervous when it comes to speak in front of the class.For the speaking part, I tend to repeat my words, and sometimes I also stutter when I want to speak difficult words,I need to think before I speak the words. I also found problem on grammar and pronunciation.
  • How have I tried to overcome the difficulties?
  • To deal with my problems, I tried to have practice on speaking in front of some friends. I did this practice to improve my speaking skill and helps me gain more confidence. For pronunciation problems, I tried to read some difficult words so I can memorize the way it should be pronounced.