Unknown Story
Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Laura just lost a close friend from getting hurt by a gang member that in The Guardian's.Its only been 2 weeks since she had went to is grave with his mother Ms.Johnson.His name was Andy & Laura is just walking her dog trying to clear her mind.
  • Laura is near the his grave close to the park they went to go talk about everything at together. She looking at everyone happy while she can't be happy, she feels like she's sticking out of the crowd, out of place. She's starts to get mad at Andy for even taking too long the come back from the store and even joining a gang in the first place, but she knew his intentions
  • Laura finally makes it to the grave yard to Andy's grave, and everything around her just changed black and white from the depression and sorrow she is feeling with her mind running with confusion like she doesn't already know everything that has happened.She knows the dude that hurt Andy is in prison now but she feels like that still not going to do anything.
  • Now Laura just left the grave yard to go to their other hang out spot at the beach to look at the city view from there. She starts to think about how the police officer she got for help that day he passed how he handled the situation, he shown that he did not car at all and only took it as how it was seen, a gang member dead on the ground. Not a young boy was stabbed below the rib cage taking it seriously.
  • The rain finally lifted up and Laura just reached the beach spot they first kissed at. She can't stop thinking about, he's always on her mind but she knows she has to move on eventually and she hates it, "but its life" everyone says. " Its unfair" she thinks. Laura is heartbroken and doesn't know what else to do besides just move on. She does wanna be happy, but doesn't wanna forget about Andy. Bit in order to become happy again she has to.
  • The sun set already and the moon is out and Laura still feels lonely, but she knows he's resting in peace looking at here or even right next to her watching over her, making sure nothing bad happens to her.