Chapter 7 activity
Updated: 5/23/2020
Chapter 7 activity

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Description of scenes in chronological order.

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  • Gatsby went to the Buchanan's to get lunch with Nick. After the lunch, which was very awkward and uncomfortable, they both decide to pass the time they had by adventuring into the town
  • The idea of going downtown is pointless think.
  • Pleaseee! Can we go downtown?
  • They have known each other before we even got married. Only god knows where and when!!
  • Jordan, Tom, and Nick head into town in the back of Gatsby limo while Daisy and Gatsby drive down in their two doored yellow car.
  • If your so perfect why did you have hime eat with us in the first place
  • Annoyed*
  • Daisy loves me. She loves me when we got married and until this day continues to love me.
  • They squad arrives down in the city and buys a room in Plaza hotel. There, they discuss Daisy,s interest of love and who that interest should be
  • Everyone leave! Lets all just leave!!
  • She doesn't love you. Never has, never will!! You understand?!
  • After the altercation among Tom and Gatsby, Daisy loses control and heads towards the East egg with Gatsby. Jordan, Tom, and Nick stay behind.
  • Upset and frustrated with the events that have happened amongst the day*
  • Could interest both of you in some liquor?
  • I almost forgot, today is actually my birthday.
  • Ohhh myy! Look out!!
  • During the drive to the East egg, Daisy drives Toms car into the city of ashes and ends up running into Myrtle Wilson. She had run out into the streeand did not witness the crime.
  • Can I drive? It might help me let loose.
  • Thomas!! Wait for me, please!!
  • Well Ill just wait here. I want to see if he tries to question her and upset her about what happened today.
  • Everyone heads home but Gatsby sneaks into the Buchanan,s garden to check up on Daisy because of the many strenuous incidents that occured all afternoon.
  • Nothing will happen. He barely even thinks about her.