Corrupt Politicians
Updated: 5/18/2020
Corrupt Politicians

Storyboard Text

  • Sir, we have a new proposition that will make us a ton of money!
  • Interesting... Tell me about it
  • Hahaha! This is amazing. Tell the mayor that he must accept this, or else...
  • Of course, sir, right away!
  • If you look here, sir, you can see a few key real estate that will make us millions of dollars with only a cost of life expectancy within our town
  • Need I remind you of what we'll do if you don't comply?
  • No... no.. of course not. I'll accept the deal, I promise. Just don't hurt her...
  • Of course
  • Good job. Here's the money. If he talks about this... make sure he suffers
  • I'll do everything I can, sir, but he has control of the police.. there's not much I can do..
  • Please... you have to help me! They're threatening my wife
  • With the death of the Mayor, the most recent real estate deal has went through
  • This just in, Mayor Goodwill was found dead today. authorities say it was murder, and not natural causes