Updated: 12/18/2019
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  • Siddhartha left his kingdom and family to become an ascetic.
  • A little girl gave him a rice bowl and realized he shouldn't be denying himself.
  • Siddhartha meditated under a tree for a long time until he found the truth, the meaning of life, and became Buddha.
  • Siddhartha was always destined to become a great leader of some sort, whether is be for the military, or something else. One day, he asked his friend, who was the son of his tutor, to stay at his castle, but his friend refused because he had a family, and other responsibilities. Siddhartha ended up going outside of his kingdom, since he didn't have much experience from the real world. His friend agreed and they were off. Siddhartha saw a sick man, an old man, and a dead man. He saw how horrible it was outside of his castle walls. While he was living in luxury, everyone else was living so poorly. So Siddhartha decided to become an ascetic. He left his kingdom at age 29, and became an ascetic and went with a group of five men. He lived like this for five whole years, starving himself, to try to find the meaning of life. Then, a little girl gave him a rice bowl, and he realized, he shouldn't be denying himself because it wasn't how to achieve what he sought. So he took a walk to a tree, and meditated for a very long time, until he found the truth. Then, the meaning of life came to him and he became the enlightened one, Buddha. Buddha was just, so mind blown about it, he didn't know to even explain what he saw. Brahman came and told him to share it with people, to lead them to enlightenment. So that's what he did, the first five men he was with as an ascetic were his first disciples. He taught about dharma. He lived a long life, and told his disciples to never follow another leader.
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