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Updated: 3/9/2020
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  • Irma is mad at Amur. He wants Amur to repay his debts.
  • Amur! You owe me 300,000 dollars! I will give you 2 hours to repay me!
  • You know I don't have all that money! I can't repay you!
  • Irma has an idea: he could get Amur's daughter as a payment
  • I have an idea! Your daughter could marry me as your payment...
  • Yes! That's a good idea! I'l go tell her right away. Deal!
  • The day of the wedding, there's just one problem... Ayami is 14 years old, and has no say in the matter!
  • But... I'm 14 years old! I'm not ready for this!
  • Remember: You are marrying me to pay your debt, and to have a better life. Calm down! The ceremony is about to beggin!
  • When the time for objections came, something unexpected happened! Irma got arrested.
  • Mr. Irma, you are under arrest for breacking UDHR article 16. You will go to court immediatly.
  • According to the UDHR, Men and women OF FULL AGE , have the right to marry and to found a family.
  • At court, Irma was convicted to 3 years in prison, for conducting child marrige.
  • I am not of age, so what you did is illegal. It is child marrige.
  • Ayami is forever grateful of being free, and decides she wants to be a police officer when she grows up, to promote justice.
  • I am very grateful that you freed me from being married to that awful man! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!
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