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science thing
Updated: 10/8/2020
science thing
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  • HI! i am McKenzie
  • and i am Claire. We will be are going to demonstrate what happens to solids, liquids, gases, and plasma when heat is added and removed
  • the crayons are physical, and can melt when heat is added. This makes a liquid
  • the particles gain energy to break apart from each other and can move past each other . this is called melting
  • when you take off the heat, the melted crayon turns back into solid. just in a different shape
  • Isn´t that cool? now that we showed you what happens to solids when they heat up and cool. we will show you what happens to liquid s
  • why would the soap change shape
  • the gases in the soap is going to expand
  • wow thats so cool
  • yeah its soo cool
  • the plasma ball is showing what happens when heat from your body toches it
  • wow
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