part 2
Updated: 1/17/2020
part 2
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  • The Ordeal
  • I'm so hungry. Hey look there's cows!
  • Welcome to my island
  • Sure
  • All my men are dead, can I stay here?
  • The Road Back
  • You must release Odysseus now, it is time for him to go home.
  • Where am I?
  • Rescue from Without
  • You are in Ithaca.
  • Odysseus's men eat Helios's cattle and all by Odysseus die. Odysseus then washes up on Calypso's shore and is stuck there for seven years.
  • Crossing the Return Threshold
  • Now that the suitors are dead my family is safe, I will regain my role as leader of Ithaca.
  • Hermes tells Calypso that she needs to release Odysseus and help him make a raft.
  • Master of Two Worlds
  • Odysseus asks a man named Eumaeus where he is. Eumaeus helps Odysseus without knowing who he truly is.
  • Freedom to Live
  • I'm relieved to be finally done with this journey
  • Odysseus finally arrives home but has to defeat the suitors trying to take his wife and kingdom.
  • I will save you my love!
  • Odysseus overthrows the suitors and accepts being the ruler of Ithaca again. He is now responsible for the city.
  • Odysseus completes his journey and is happy to be home.
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