The white bitch
Updated: 9/11/2020
The white bitch

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  • Well I suppose in the name of God, I might as well do what's to be done. Here, Topsy. Good doggie.
  • Don't be silly, you fool ! Throw her down, and don't stand there like an old woman !
  • I- I can't do that... I can't drown her !
  • A peasant and his wife were walking along the crags toward the cliffs while following their dog who was hunting rabbits.
  • Come on ! It was your idea at first !
  • Yeah well, I changed my mind, ok ?! There must be other options...
  • The peasant walked with his hands clasped behind his back, looking at the ground. His wife walked behind him, knitting.The dog came up at a gallop, snapping at a wasp and laid on her belly at the peasant's feet, looking up into his face with moist eyes.
  • Hiram, there is no other option left. There's nothing we can do !
  • How about giving her to our neighbour, then ?
  • Wait, where did she go ?!
  • He bent down and caught her by the back of her neck. The man let go his hold and stood up. The woman stamped her foot, shooking her knitting in his face.
  • Um... I don't know... she's probably playing around...
  • The couple started arguing, forgetting to watch the dog. In the meantime, Topsy was distracted by the rabbits that were running around in circle, driving her crazy.
  • The bitch ran away, following the rabbits toward the woods. The owners didn't even notice her departure till they stopped arguing.
  • They started to freak out, and seemed very concerned by the escape of their dog, even though the woman sounded like she didn't really like their pet.