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Cheapskate date
Updated: 6/16/2020
Cheapskate date
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Storyboard Description

A man who is an cheapskate is taking his non cheapskate wife to the movies. But he does things to save money at the movies that no one would ever imagine doing.

Storyboard Text

  • My wife wants to go on a date
  • I don't think that really counts.
  • Hey, honey I know we're busy with the kids a lot. But, when are we going to go out on a real, date.
  • I took you somewhere nice last week. Remember, I took you to the gas station for dinner.
  • I say alright
  • You'd really do that for me!?
  • Yay!
  • I'll tell you what, tomorrow night I'll take you to the movies. I'll get a babysitter.
  • Of course honey.
  • The next night
  • I told you when we came in that I wanted something to eat.
  • The film you are about to see is rated PG-13
  • But the food here is too expensive... Fine.
  • Are you hungry?
  • Ryan and Anne have been married for 10 years. They have two kids and haven't been on a real date in a long time. Anne wants to go on a nice date, but Ryan is a cheapskate.
  • Getting my wife some trash food
  • Free Refills!
  • Anne knows that Ryan won't take her out to a fancy restaurant, but the movies satisfy her. They haven't been to the movies in a long time.
  • Giving my wife some trash food
  • I have to Jane.
  • They have gotten to the movies and Anne wants something to eat from the concession stand. And we all know that the movies food is way to overpriced. But Ryan has a plan.
  • My wife eats the trash food
  • Ryan doesn't want to pay for the food. But this movie theater gives free refills. So Ryan is getting some empty containers out of the trash can.
  • don't look darling
  • Why mom?
  • I think you can figure out what's going on here. Ryan has returned and has given Anne the food from the trash. Of course, she has no idea.
  • No John! Don't go..
  • Anything for you Anne.
  • Aw, thanks Ryan.
  • I think you can guess what is happening here.
  • I can't imagine why.
  • This tastes kind of funny.
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