Updated: 3/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Ana is so terrified she's been bullied for years because she's studying in US but she's a muslim
  • see that girl ?
  • see that trashcan? she belong there .
  • yeah, why she's here? she doesn't belong here.
  • wherever she goes she's always being bullied
  • Hey asian girl, you know what you're not belong here just go back to you're trashy country .
  • she's the most hated person in class
  • a wonderful idea that surely will change their lives
  • after talking about their experience they came up with a wonderful idea
  • but one day she met fellow asian people that being bullied too
  • they briefly explain it to other student one-by-one and make them understand it
  • we're here to announced that we have a program that will help you to overcome your problems and to help you from the one who bullies you
  • and finally they shared it to all the students and finally they're not being bullied anymore and a lot of students were inspired
  • after that even the bullies reach help to them and tell them the reason why they doing that