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louis pasteur pt 2
Updated: 9/11/2018
louis pasteur pt 2
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  • No please don't do it!
  • Hold down the dog so I can breathe in the rabies.
  • Germs do not exist. I'll prove it. I am going to inject myself with rabies.
  • No! rabies has no cure.
  • I don't feel good.
  • You injected Joseph with an untested vaccine! You could go to jail.
  • His next idea was to cure rabies. To discover how it is transmitted, he breathed it in to see if it was an airborne disease. He did this knowing he could contract rabies and that there was no known cure.
  • Fine I will wash my hands but, I do not believe your germ theory.
  • Please wash your hands and clean your instruments.
  • Dr. Charbonnet did not believe Pasteur's theory. Because he wanted to prove Pasteur wrong, he injected himself with rabbis. The virus was nine days old so, it was too old to have any effect.
  • Joseph was going to die because he was bitten by a dog with rabies. Louis Pasteur injected Joseph with an untested vaccine hoping it would work. If Joseph died Louis would have gone to jail. His vaccine worked.
  • Louis Pasteur's daughter had a baby and wanted her doctor to be clean. He begged Dr.Charbonnet and he agreed. His daughter didn't die of childbed fever. Louis Pasteur had a stroke and was partially paralyzed while his daughter was giving birth.
  • When he went to see who was talking against his theories, Pasteur was surprised to see Lister speaking on his behalf and not against him. Pasteur gave a speech about his accomplishments after receiving an award for his contributions to medicine.
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