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big bang theory
Updated: 9/23/2020
big bang theory
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  • Mr. Montefalco: There are may beliefs about how the Universe created, but the scientific belief was called the Big Bang Theory.
  • Hey, Mr. Montefalco i believe that God created the Universe , so why do scientist believe that something called the Big Bang Theory created the Universe?
  • The Big Bang Theory was a theory that proved and explain why distant galaxies are moving away from us and why the speed that they move from us is comparable to distance. It also explains why the most of the visible Universe is made of hydrogen and helium.
  • Scientist believe that the Universe started very similiar to this small dot. The scientist reffered this large mass , small volume and high density as an singularity, which contained about all elements of the Universe.
  • The singularity exploded about 13.8 billion years ago. This sent matter, space, and time into different directions throughout space. This explosion is what led to the Big Bang Theory. But every since this day the Universe never stopped expanding.
  • The nebula part of the big cloud formed from the explosion would form into planetoids
  • Particles from the planetoids started to clump together and started creating large masses/ planets. Also part of the planetoid became so hot and dense that it created the Sun.
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