Climate Change

Updated: 9/6/2020
Climate Change

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  • Evidence 2: VideoMitigation and Adaptation
  • Today we must be increasingly aware that our actions generate a great impact on climate change, especially now in these days when we have to be at home due to the health contingency and that we are forced to use more electricity. and this is one of the major factors that have the greatest impact on the emission of greenhouse gases
  • The objective of this presentation is to make the tec community aware of the impact of climate change today and the proposed solutions to mitigate and reduce the impact generated by greenhouse gases emissions
  • Climate change has been present on our planet for millions of years; However, in recent decades, the course of this phenomenon has accelerated due to the activitieshuman beings, becoming currently one of the greatest threats and challenges facing the human being
  • It seeks to give a brief introduction of how my greenhouse gas emissions influence the impact of climate change
  • Climate change is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities, into the atmosphere and retains more heat than necessary, causing the average temperature of the planet to increase, causing the melting of glaciersIt leads to extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, and heat waves. In the last decade, there have been three times more natural catastrophes of meteorological origin, mainly floods and hurricanes, in the world compared to previous years.
  • The melting of the glaciers has caused a 25 cm increase in sea levelThe temperatures of the planet's surface are increasing rapidly. In the last 100 years, the global average temperature has increased 0.76 ºCGreenhouse gases have caused the thinning of the ozone layerClimate change has caused the death of millions of trees, being the cause of forest fires that in recent years have increased significantly
  • Objetive of the video
  • Give a brief overview of the background to climate change
  • Due to the global increase in temperature, it will bring disastrous consequences that put the survival of nature at risk, the main consequences of climate change are:Melting of ice masses at the polesLoss of biodiversityForest firesMassive increase in natural phenomena such as hurricanes, cyclones, river overflow, etc.Desertification
  • The approach about what is climate change will be carried out
  • Impact of climate change
  • Consequences of climate change in natura