Updated: 10/9/2018
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  • Grendel once again has eaten all the men! Someone must stop that monster!
  • I am here to thy service, my king. 
  • You will not defeat me Grendel!
  • Grendel, the monster who lives close to Heorot Hall, has been hearing music from the hall and has been mad. He has gone and eaten many of the men at night. Some of the men are alive but want someone to stop Grendel. 
  • Thy hero! We thought you were dead!
  • I must run before the dragon comes to eat me!
  • Beowulf offered his service to king Hrothgar to battle with Grendel so he would stop invading Heroet Hall.
  • Grendel and Beowulf, battle in the Heroet hall. After a one-on-one bloody battle Beowulf tears Grendel's arm off. Grendel then goes back to his home and dies, leaving Beowulf as the hero.
  • Forever live our hero Beowulf. 
  • Beowulf then fights Grendel's mother. He goes underwater to her cage but on his way down he gets attacked by her. He tires to hit her with his sword but it didn't do anything. Beowulf spots a large sword made by the giants and stabs the mother with it and she dies. He then goes out of the water to find only 4 of his warriors.
  • A dragon guards the treasure that lives beneath the earth. But one day a thief steals a gem-covered goblet, arousing the wrath of the dragon. Waking up to find the goblet stolen, the dragon goes on a rampage breathing fire and burning down villages.
  • Old Beowulf now comes back and has no fear to fight the dragon as if it was years ago. While fighting the dragon, the dragon kills beowulf but warlglof helps and kills the dragon but beowulf dies anyway. Beowulf's legacy lives on.
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