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A Midsummer Night's Dream
Updated: 5/11/2020
A Midsummer Night's Dream
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  • Act 1- Athens
  • Why don't you love Demetrius?!
  • Because I love Lysander!
  • Lets get married at my aunt's house!
  • Me and Hermia should run away
  • Hermia you must listen to your father
  • Act 2- Faries
  • I can't I made a promise!
  • Puck! I want you to squeeze the juices of the flower into Titania's eyes when she is sleeping, so that when she awakes she falls in love with a foul beast
  • Give me the boy so that I can make him my servant!
  • Yes sir!
  • Act 2- The Woods
  • Zzz...
  • Why doesn't he love me?
  • HERMIA!!
  • Zzz...
  • Two men have fallen in love with Hermia and their names are Lysander and Demetrius. Hermia's father has given her permission to marry Demetrius but she is in love with Lysander. In anger, he takes the case to the King of Athens saying that if she does not listen to him she must be put to death; he agrees. Hermia and Lysander quickly decide to run away and get married far away from Athenian Law.
  • Act 3- Another Part of the Woods
  • I swear I will never love you! EVER!
  • Can you help them out as well?
  • Oberon King of Fairies is begging Titania for the Indian boy, who is blue, so that he can make him his servant, but she says no. To annoy Titania, Oberon calls for his other servant, Puck, to take the Love-in-Idleness flower and squeeze the juices on her eyelids so that when she awakens she will fall in love with a terrible beast. Oberon will then use this to his advantage and only undo the spell when she gives him the boy.
  • Act 4- Titania's Slumber
  • What beautiful beast has awaken me from my slumber?
  • Hee hee!
  • Being lost in the woods, Hermia and Lysander find a place to sleep. While Lysander wants to sleep near to her, Hermia wants him to sleep away from her for it would not be lady-like for him to sleep near. Meanwhile, Helena and Demetrius are looking for both of them. Demetrius, showing how much he cares for Hermia, makes Helena sad because she thinks he will never love her.
  • Act 5- Problem Solved & Wedding
  • What is going on?
  • I love you
  • I'm so sorry
  • Helena is constantly telling Demetrius how much she loves him. In annoyance, Demetrius tells Helena that he will never love her. Puck and Oberon overhear this and Oberon tells Puck to change his feeling for her. In another part of the forrest some actors have gathered to practice their play. Puck sees this as and oppertunity to play a trick on humans, he transforms Bottoms face into that of a donkey. This frightens all of the other actors.
  • What? Hee-haw! What's wrong? Hee-haw!
  • While Titania is sleeping Puck places the love juice on her eyelids and she awakens right when Bottom is walking by and she falls in love with him. Puck tries to solve the love triangle but accidentally makes Lysander fall in love with Helena. Trying to fix that issue he makes Demetrius fall in love with Helena as well. Hermia becomes angry and confused because no one loves her.
  • I love you!
  • Hee-haw?!
  • I love you more!
  • Congrats!
  • Puck eventually fixes everthing back to the way Oberon wanted, where Helena and Demetrius love each other and Hermia and Lysander love each other. Oberon takes the Indian Boy from Titania and undos the spell for her and Bottom. In the end, Theseus and Hippolyta get married and so does everyone else. The play "Pyramus and Thisbe" is performed, and Puck ends the play by asking the audience to remember this as if it were a dream.
  • I do
  • I do
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