Updated: 12/18/2020

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  • My business is doing so well and my family will be so happy, thank you for all the work crew, we're doing amazing!
  • we'll be shipping our goods to America on Tuesday. Just wait, this business will flourish in a couple of days and we'll be rich!
  • 1920's
  • I mean I guess the boss is happy but I'm just making it out here and I've used to much credit to buy my new car.
  • Hey Barb this may be the best time of our lives! We're about to be rich on Tuesday once I ship our goods to America and once we're done doing business with them they said there's more business to come, we'll never be living in poverty ever again
  • No way really, I'm so proud of you Johnny I can't wait to never worry about anything again! We can invest more into the stock market as well which will also set us up for the future.
  • I'm going to tell Barb about this 
  • Man I love the news
  • On today's news we have great news about the economy growing, with the finding's of clear oil over the prairies! This is a gold mine for those savey investors,.
  • We shouldn't be treated this way
  • WE deserve better wages!
  • WE are not animals!
  • We deserve to have a say on what goes on around here!
  • do any of you boy's want to have fun. We could have a great time together
  • I have a wife that I'm loyal to
  • I'm just here to celebrate the success of my company
  • You should be more lady like, you flapper.
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