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Tears of a Tiger Storyboard
Updated: 9/23/2019
Tears of a Tiger Storyboard
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  • Robbie Washington"I, Robert Orlando Washington, will be making billions of dollars playin' for the NBA! Want me to save you a ticket to one of my games?" (pg 3, para. 2)Rob is a high school student, and basketball player, with talent on the court. His talents include: basketball, and his strong friendships. His weakness is that he drinks alcohol recklessly. Rob will be remembered for his amazing talent at basketball, and the drunk driving accident that ended his life. The main thing Rob had to worry about was basketball and whether he would win his next game.
  • Andrew Jackson"You better be lookin' out for me- here's my card- Andy Jackson-superstar shooter and lover to the ladies," (pg. 3 para. 3). Andy is a high school student and basketball player, who has talent on the court, and a girlfriend name Keisha. His strengths include his bold friendships, and basketball talent. His weaknesses include drinking, and his dependence on his girlfriend. He will be remembered for being the driver in the accident that killed Rob, and struggles with the guilt of possibly killing him.
  • Keisha Montgomery"If it hadn't been for Keisha, I mighta gotten really depressed. After the accident, Keisha was always there. She came to the hospital, to the funeral, to the trial. She was the only one I could cry in front of..." (pg. 75 para. 3). Keisha is Andy's girlfriend, and goes above and beyond to be there for him, even at her own expense. Keisha's strengths include her compassion, empathy, and patience. Her weakness is likely her boyfriend, Andy, as he is holding her down, and his mental state prevents her from doing certain things. Keisha may be remembered for being an "above-and-beyond" girlfriend or for saving Andy's life. Keisha is probably struggling with what she needs to do about Andy, as she worries about him so much.
  • Rhonda Jeffries"I didn't cry. I felt really sick inside- and mad at Andy and them for drinking in the first place. I thought we'd all come back for our reunions and then we'd get old..." (pg. 19) Rhonda is Keisha's best friend who moved away, and she didn't know Rob, but was still deeply affected by the accident. Her strengths include being able to tell the hard truth, and she knows all the gossip (which she tells Keisha in her letters). Her weaknesses include a sort of obliviousness in which the death from drunk driving hit her hard. She will likely be best remembered as Keisha's friend. Rhonda struggles with the possibility of death in people her age.
  • Monty Jackson"If you slept with a warrior space soldier, maybe you wouldn't have nightmares either," (pg 97). Monty is Andy's 6 year old brother, who is innocent and caring. His strengths include his innocent way of looking out for his brother, which helped out Andy, mentally. He, being six years old doesn't really have any weaknesses yet. Monty will likely be remembered by Andy for trying to prevent his nightmares with a Teenage Warrior Space Soldier. Monty struggles with questions such as 'Do you dream in black and white, or in color?'
  • B.J. "I wasn't drivin'. I wasn't even drinkin'. Andy and Rob all knew I didn't drink..." (pg.15). B.J. was in the friend group with Rob, Andy, Tyrone, and Gerald, and he was the only one who didn't drink alcohol. His strengths include his refusal to drink alcohol, and his strong friendships. His weaknesses include his low self-esteem which caused him to refrain from offering to drive the car. B.J. will be remembered for being good friends with Rob. He worries about religion, his height, and his role in Rob's death.
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