Historical foundations of our Republic
Updated: 2/11/2020
Historical foundations of our Republic
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  • I have proclaimed that people without property shall be able to vote.
  • Thanks Pericles, now Greece will be better for everybody.
  • Hey Julia, did you know that my dad was a slave and wasn't considered a citizen?
  • Wow, I didn't know that at least they made the rule of laws, also known as the twelve tables.
  • RULE OF LAW1. Everyone is equal2. No one is above the law
  • You mean the Magna Carta.
  • Yes, the Magna Carta. We have finally agreed with you that you have more rights.
  • Since we made the agreement with you (the Barons)-
  • Thomas Hobbes is so much better than John Locke. Hobbes believed in unquestioned political power, which he thought would make everything go in order.
  • Oh, I thought that John Locke was better. His whole philosophy was that if the rights of the citizens weren't protected the citizens could overthrow the government.
  • That's a great question. Well, the seperaists which include you, me, and a couple other people on the boat made the mayflower compact so we could have religious freedom. Did that answer your question?
  • Yes mom.
  • Mom, why did we create the mayflower compact and how was it even created?
  • As we continue on this tour I would like to point out that those two glass bottles and jar are from the house of burgesses.
  • Well, it was the first representative assembly in the USA.
  • Why is that so important mommy?
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