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Grand Canyon Formation
Updated: 10/2/2020
Grand Canyon Formation
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  • Did you know that we were the first step of the Caynon. We aren't lazy!
  • The Mountains the size of the Himalayas formed
  • Thatsgreat dude! I thought we were just like Mount Ever-Rest
  • The Rocks are worn away
  • This is more boring than before. Everything looks depressed.
  • The Sea washes in and out and creates diffrent layers
  • Where did the smart one go? I need him to tell me what is going on!
  • In the beginning of the creation of the the Grand Caynon montains the size of the modern day Himalayas were formed
  • Rivers start to flow through the platuea
  • I'm back! What did I misss
  • The mountains slowly begin to dissapapear by erosion and the freezing and melting of ice rupture the rock and it eventually becomes a flat plain
  • A ancient lake over flows and creates the Colorado River as it cuts through the caynon
  • This is starting to get intresting. I can't wait for eresion to get into play!
  • Everytime the sea washes in and out it creates new layers of rock that is now the Grand Caynon but it was just a rock.
  • After lots of erosoin, river flow, and gravity the Grand Caynon is created
  • This is beautiful!
  • Once this platuea is formed small rivers (not the colorado river yet) start to flow through it and create small cracks.
  • A lot! Rivers are starting to flow through this platuea
  • As the lake dumps over the river flows and cuts all the rock and starts to form the canyon.
  • Lots of volcanoes, river flow, and erosion these have helped create this wonder of mysterious and beautiful scenery.
  • Oh brother.
  • Yeah! I wonder how it was created
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