Oliver Twist
Updated: 6/9/2020
Oliver Twist

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  • Back at Fagin's, Oliver is not happy and Fagin eventually gives him to Bill Sikes. Bill Sikes leads him into a lot of trouble and at one major house burglary he gets shot in the arm and left to his mercy in a ditch by Bill and Tony, a friend of Bill's
  • Oliver is extremely weak and crawls to the nearest house which appears to be the one that he broke into. He knocks on the door and collapses and then is looked after by the kind family who's house was nearly broken into. He was extremely ill but was looked after by a doctor and the loving family that he is living in.
  • Rose, who is part of the family who looks after Oliver, meets Nancy one day and tells her that Oliver is in danger. She tells her that Oliver's step-brother has palled up with Bill Sikes and they are trying to capture him to make him a criminal who will be put in jail at some point!
  • When Bill Sikes finds out that Nancy is telling Rose these things, he murders her but it was too late at that point. The police are made aware of these dangerous criminals and they are caught.
  • Fagin is sentenced to hanging whereas Bill Sikes ends up hanging from a rope although he didn't mean to. Charlie looks back on his life and changes his ways but Oliver ends up legally living with Mr Bronlow.
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