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Out Of My Mind.
Updated: 11/20/2017
Out Of My Mind.
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  • Expostion
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • This is Melody. Melody cannot talk, walk, or stand up. Melody had a fish named Ollie. Ollie died shortly after two years. He jumped out of his tank, so he could no longer breathe. He died. After Ollie died Melody got a dog for her birthday. She named it Butterscotch.
  • Climax
  • Melody was assigned to her very first school for people like her. She was excited but nervous at the same time. When Melody first arrived at her new school, she noticed that all of the other kids weren't in a wheelchair like her. She thought she would never fit in. Her mother was giving birth to a baby. Melody was excited!
  • Falling Action
  • Finally Melody's baby sister arrived! Her mom and dad named her Penny. Penny seemed to get around Just fine. At Melody's school she was assigned to a assistant. Her assistant's name was rose. They often worked well together. Rose was only a little older then Melody. Melody also got a College student helper, name Cassidy. Soon the snow came falling down Melody new Christmas was coming.
  • Resolution
  • Melody gets her Medi-Talker, she can now basically speak! At school Claire and Molly are still bullying her, even Rose doesn't want to really talk to Melody. Melody and the whole class take a trivia quiz. She got first so she is going to try out for the nation school wide quizzes. She has been studying with Mrs.V.
  • Melody made it for the final quiz on T.V. She doesn't feel the best right now. She finally makes it in, but Melody is scared. She accidentally spilled red sauce on her; luckily her mom brought her a change of shirts. Melody doesn't know if she actually wants to continue the quiz.
  • Melody is so excited to go to Washington D.C. but when she leaves for the airport, she relize that the flight was canceled and her teammates and teacher already left. Melody now can't be in the quiz kids tournament. To make things even worse Penny gets hit by the back of the car. She is still alive. Melody knows that someday she can have a better furture.
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