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Updated: 10/1/2021
oral comm

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  • Because it is against our religion to eat Dinuguan.
  • You didn't eat the Dinuguan that Mom served for you guys a while ago. Why?
  • Why are you guys not allowed to eat Dinuguan? It's not like you guys are gonna die if you eat it.
  • Because it's a sin for us to eat blood.
  • That's so weird! You guys are so weird.
  • It's not weird. We just have different beliefs based on our religion and we should just respect each other. 
  • Now that you said that, you do have a point. I'll tell Mom to not cook Dinuguan again when you're here.
  • I'm sorry if I called you and your beliefs weird.
  • It's fine. I understand. But promise me that you won't do it again, okay?
  • I promise! I already learned my lesson that I have to respect other's belief. And I will research later about these things.
  • Okay! That's good!