Chapter 1-3 comic strip
Updated: 4/20/2020
Chapter 1-3 comic strip
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  • In the beginning, Juana and Kino where about to go to bed when they saw a scorpion near where Coyotito was sleeping. As the scorpion was climbing on the rope near Coyotitos bed he shook the rope. Seconds later, the scorpion was on his shoulder and plunging its stinger into his flesh.
  • The next day they decided to take Coyotito to the doctor to try to get rid of his excruciating pain the sting was causing. Once they arrived at the doctor’s they asked his butler if they could see him in order to cure their baby. However, the doctor rejected them because they had no money.
  • After being rejected by the doctor because of their lack of money Juana and Kino went out on their canoe to look for pearls. while searching the water Kino came across a giant oyster. When he got back to the boat he opened it and found a giant pearl. 
  • After they got back to shore everyone was gathered around wanting to see “the pearl of the world”. After retrieving the pearl Juana and Kino had hope that they could get their baby to the doctor, send him to school, and buy new things to improve their living conditions.
  • When they got home Kino dug a hole in the corner of his house to hide the pearl from anyone that wanted to try to steal it. Later the doctor came over and said that Coyotito needed lots of medical attention. Within a few minutes he was giving the baby a white powder that made him throw up and said he would be back in a bit to check on him.
  • Later that night Kino woke up to Juana shaking him with fear glaring in her eyes. Then he heard a person in the corner of his house digging in the dirt , searching to his pearl. Kino slowly got up with a knife in hand and lunged toward the dark figure and stabbed it into his back. He only thought of how lucky he was that he moved the pearl under his bed.
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