Cloud types
Updated: 6/11/2020
Cloud types

Storyboard Text

  • I've always wondered what all the different clouds are called.
  • There are 8 basic cloud types but some of them you barely ever see.
  • Why do you not see some of them that often.
  • You don't see some of the clouds that often because some of them are very high in the sky. For example the Cirrocumulus is above 18,000 feet high.
  • What clouds do you normally see in the sky the most.
  • The clouds that you would see the most in the sky on a cloudy day would be the Cumulus, the Stratus and the Stratocumulus. The reason you see these clouds the most is because they are the closest basic clouds to the ground. You would still see other clouds but you wouldn't see as many of them.
  • What are the names of the clouds that you don't see as often.
  • The clouds that you don't see that often are the Cirrocumulus, the Cirrus, the Cumulonimbus, the Altocumulus and the Altostratus
  • Why do clouds look different.
  • Clouds look different as a result of the amount of water vapor in the air, the climate of a location,the winds and the type of air.
  • Can clouds be at different heights in different places.
  • Clouds will still be roughly at the same height but they can be higher because in warmer places, there is a wider area that the cloud can be in.
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