Healthy habits

Updated: 1/29/2019
Healthy habits

Storyboard Description

Healthy habits can save your life… and your money too.

Storyboard Text

  • My Health Insurance premium is too expensive!!!
  • 1. Fat man, sitting on the couch, watching TV, drinking beer and eating chips. 2. He receives an email from his Health Insurance company and gets angry with the high premium amount
  • 3. Fat man checks his Insurance Company website and finds out about the Health app (we show the app on his phone, as a close up, briefly). He installs the app and then we enter a very motivational music (for exercise)
  • 4. He starts exercising, running, a few push ups (pode ser na praia, onde há aparelhos para exercícios). We show that he has a smart watch and that it records his exercise routine. He can walk to work instead of driving, for example. He can take the stairs in the office instead of the lift. 5. He starts eating healthier, drinking more water. He can stand by the food machine in the office but he eats a fruit instead, for example.
  • 7. He is running, but now is thinner and happier, like it is the end of a running, where he won!
  • 7. Show the app and the impact on the premium after a few months exercising
  • 8. Show the expert? An insurance clerk happy because the claims are decreasing since the app started being used.