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EDUC 200: Maddison
Updated: 10/11/2020
EDUC 200: Maddison
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  • Maddison enters the office
  • Hi Maddison! How can I help you today?
  • Ms. Bennet, can I tell you something?
  • Maddison tells her secret
  • Of course!
  • I've always been an A student, but then I come here and I am a failure. How am I suppose to go to college for mathematics if I can't even pass my trig class?
  • Ms. Bennet gives Maddison a pep talk
  • Maddison, it is okay to fail. Not everything is going to come easy on the first try. This is a chance to learn from your failure.
  • Maddison comes into Ms. Bennet's office to talk about her struggles that she is facing entering into a new school.
  • Maddison makes excuses
  • Ms. Bennet, I can't. I should just go back to my old school where I was actually smart.
  • Maddison confides in Ms. Bennet that she is scared that she will be a failure. She is afraid that she won't be able to get into her dream college since she got a bad grade in a math class.
  • Ms. Bennet reassures Maddison
  • Sometimes, Maddison, challenges help us learn and grow. I know that you think that being at your old school made you smart, but you are smart no matter where you are. Intelligence is not measured by the grades that you get, but the by the effort that you pit into your work.
  • Ms. Bennet assures Maddison that it alright to fail, and that not everything that will come easy the first time. She's trying to make Maddison understand that in learning failure will happen.
  • Maddison leaves feeling better
  • Thank you Ms. Bennet! I feel much better now.
  • Maddison tries to avoid the challenges of the new school by saying that she wants to go to back to her other school. She also tried to make an excuse that she is only smart at her old school while Ms. Bennet assures her that challenges are good.
  • Maddison, challenges are good.
  • Ms. Bennet tells Maddison that it alright to be challenged and that intelligence is not measured by grades.
  • Maddison leaves Ms. Bennet's office feeling like she can succeed in the new school and improve her learning.
  • Of course Maddison. Feel free to come back to my office at anytime.
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