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EDUC 200:Rayna
Updated: 10/10/2020
EDUC 200:Rayna
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  • Mrs. T checks on Rayna
  • Mrs. T, I don't think that I can perform this Friday.
  • Hi Rayna! What's wrong?
  • Rayna confides in Mrs. T
  • I'm too nervous to go up on stage. I'm going to forget the song and freeze on stage. I'll look like a fool, so I think I'm just going to quit.
  • What do you mean Rayna? You know the song.
  • Mrs. T gives Rayna a pep talk
  • Rayna, I know that you feel like it's not worth the risk to go on that stage because you think that you'll freeze, but some risks are worth taking.
  • Mrs. T notices that Rayna is upset as she plays the piano. She comes to check on her to make sure that everything is alright.
  • Mrs. T continues to relax Rayna
  • Mrs. T, it's not worth it. I don't think I can do it.
  • Rayna, you can do this. You are more than prepared. I've seen you in here every day rehearsing. It is worth taking a risk that way you can show your gift with the rest of the school.
  • Rayna reveals that she is nervous to be on stage to perform. She doesn't want to look like a fool on stage in front of her peers.
  • Jay enters to help
  • Do you really think that I am ready?
  • I do, and I'm not the only one who believes in you.
  • Rayna, you got this. You're the best pianist in the school, and I'll be there in the audience to support.
  • Mrs. T reassures Rayna that taking a risk like going on stage is worth it. She wants her to know that taking risks is a part of learning while Rayna wants to just quit.
  • Rayna is ready to take the risk
  • I'm ready to take that risk and perform on Friday. Thanks you guys!
  • Anytime!
  • Rayna starts crying as she sobs that she can not perform. However, Mrs. T reassure Rayna that she can perform and that she is more than prepared for the performs. Mrs. T tells Rayna that she has to take risks to grow.
  • Jay is Rayna's best friend who overheard the conversation between Mrs. T and Rayna. He came in to help Mrs. T get Rayna to realize that performing was worth the risk.
  • Rayna finally realizes that performing is worth the risk. She has her support team that believes that she can do, so she is ready to take the risk and perform.
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