ECON Story
Updated: 2/18/2020
ECON Story

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  • Bill I'm sorry, but we are going to have to let you go- as you can see our business is declining at the moment-
  • Oh no- what will I tell my family, how will I pay my bills.
  • JOBS
  • Bill is one of many employees to be let go today as businesses in the community continue to downsize.
  • It's been weeks- no jobs and the bills keep coming- I'm losing hope-
  • Bill's income will surely take a hit- he's 55 yrs old and has worked this job for 25 yrs. It will be difficult for him to find a competitive paying job that match his skills.
  • Honey we are struggling to make ends meet- I know Bill- times are tough
  • Only the essentials babe- no big ticket items right now.
  • Breaking news- jobs are hard to find as businesses are laying off employees due to a struggling economy. Consumer confidence has dropped for the 4th straight month.
  • I pray the economy picks ups and Billy finds a job...
  • Bill has stopped looking for work and put his house up to be sold.
  • Personal income issues can cause tension for families as they try to make ends meet.
  • Times are tough- incomes are low- sales are down.