Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The word is billions of years old because fossils tell us so.
  • The lineage and timeline of the Bible do not add up to billions of years. There was a living fossil found of a Coelacanth found in 1938.
  • Similarities in body structures.
  • The Bible says that animals and humans are created separately. Adam and Eve were the first humans.Each creature God created has structuresdesigned for their purpose.
  • Humans and apes share 98.8%of their DNA.
  • Humans and mice share 97.5%of their DNA.We do share 85% of the proteinbuilding DNAWe share much less of the DNAthat gives directions for what todo with the proteins.
  • Mass extinctions... Climate change, astriod, volcano.
  • The flood wiped out everything that was not on the ark.