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Spanish conquerer
Updated: 8/16/2020
Spanish conquerer
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  • Departure
  • sir we are ready for departure!
  • Excellent!
  • The translator
  • quién eres tú
  • wie es jy
  • The journey
  • on the 18th of February 1519 Former caudillo Hernan cortes left Cuba set to sail for Mexico by ship. He had been ordered to lead an expedition and found a town in Mexico. On his ship he carried 350 European soldiers over 100 slaves, 16 horses, war dogs and several canons.
  • "The Gods"
  • Send them in!
  • After landing in Maya territory the daughter of the emperor was able to act as translator for the new arrivals. Cortes managed to found his own town to finish his mission and step down from the position of cauldillo. The Totonac tribe promised to support Cortes so they could over throw their Aztec masters.
  • Hostage
  • As Cortes set of to Tenochtitlan with an added 800 Totonacs to his force of conquistadors​ he came across many challenges some included having to fight many battles but also making some allies on the way.
  • Driven out
  • When Cortes arrived at Tenochtitlan in November 1519.​ His fair skin and advanced technology, Montezuma believed that Cortes was sent to him by god Quetzalcoatl
  • Sir? what would you like me to do?
  • As Montezuma realized Cortes only wanted land and gold their relationship was demolished. Cortes Began to send expeditions in to the countryside to collect gold or any other treasures.
  • While Cortes was away A contradiction led to the Spanish being driven out of the city. Leaving the Spanish no choice but to retreat to their allies town Tlaxacan. Meanwhile after the Spanish left Small pox and other deadly diseases swept through killing around a quarter of the population. After restig for 20 days Cortes set out to conquer the aztec allies winning over half the aztec territories as the people supported him through fear.
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