Updated: 6/4/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • The 2nd pig saw a man with sticks, so he asked for the sticks and built his house.
  • The 3rd pig wanted to build his house stronger than the others’ house.
  • Whilst walking, he saw a man holding bricks, he asked for the bricks so he could build his house. His house was thestrongest out of all of them.
  • The big bad wolf that their mum warned them about blew down the 1st pigs house because he was hungry and wanted to eat the pigs for dinner. but was unsuccessful...
  • ….Then he followed the 1st pig to the second pigs house pigs house.. when he got there, he blew the second pigs house down. he was still unsuccessful , so once again, followed the 1st and 2nd pig to the 3rd pigs house.
  • But when he got to the last pigs house, he stied to blow it down but the house was too strong, the wolf thought he would beg his way into their home but that didn’t work. He came up with a plan to wait outside and when the pigs come out, he will eat them. But that didn’t work either. The 3rd pig had an idea to boil some water and get the wolf to climb down the chimney. It worked and the pigs lived a happy life living together.
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