Whale story
Updated: 12/17/2020
Whale story

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  • A tired blue whale takes its last breath from the surface and is exhausted
  • The whale starts sinking because of it ginormous heavy body, It pleads for help but no one can hear him
  • My time is up.... its been a good life
  • Its getting hard to see, i guess im sinking
  • Help me Help!
  • Help please!
  • The whale Feels like its head is about to explode as the pressure increases tremendously. He calls for help but no one can hear him because his clicks are at a pitch where no other whale can hear
  • No one has ever been here for me
  • I guess no one is here for me
  • The whale comes to realize that hes going to die and nothing will change that. He then realized that his dead body will support life for generations
  • My skin will feed others and my bones will support the floor. Is alright my time has come
  • Help
  • The whale cant swim away with all the pressure
  • I can see the ground from here...
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