protein synthesis
Updated: 1/27/2021
protein synthesis

Storyboard Text

  • The man is in jail and he has an idea for something his son can make. the Man is the dna and the jail is the nucleus!
  • yes
  • can i have a pen and paper to write instructions to my son?
  • the man writes instructions on how to make a paper airplane on the paper the paper is RNA!
  • the man folds the paper so it turns into an envelope. Like when dna unwinds from a double helix. now that it's ready to be sent its MRNA!
  • the policeman delivers the envelope (MRNA) to the prisoner's son which is like the ribosome!
  • the boy makes the paper airplane out of the paper with his hands like amino acids. and starts folding the paper, or the rna and turns it into a paper airplane or a protein!
  • the sister or tRNA brings the boy more paper!
  • the boy makes two of the same airplanes or proteins but one is somehow different from the other which is a mutation!