Love story
Updated: 2/3/2021
Love story

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  • Hi Juls! Sorry I'm late! I had to ran to the ATM for cash.
  • Sure! Lol! I don't mind if its for you <3
  • Yes! He will treat me!
  • It's okay Carlos! As long as its your treat today! Lol!
  • OMG! I think I'm in love!
  • Hey Juls, Have you ever been in love?
  • Why the hell would he do that to you?
  • Yeah, but it was complicated. I was harassed and it traumatized me.
  • Because he was a jerk. I too was blinded by the illusion of love.
  • Thanks for sharing to me Juls. I Promise to treat you right.
  • Since my ex, I never believed in the words of the men. But, Carlos, you are different. I know that you'll take care of me well. Please prove it to me.
  • Till our next date Juls! See you soon! I'll miss you!
  • I gotta confess to her!! Can't let this girl slip away!
  • Thanks for the day! Till next time! I'll miss you too!
  • Yeah so uhmm. I can't stop thinking about you. I fell for you Juls.
  • I just can't stop thinking about something. I wanna let it out.
  • Hey Juls! So uhmmm I can't sleep.
  • Me too! But spill out yours first LOL!
  • Hey Carlos! What's wrong?
  • Will you give me a chance to love you?
  • Juls, I wanna ask something.
  • Meet me tomorrow. Same place
  • What is it?
  • Carlos. I feel the same way. I felt a connection with you today that I can't stop yearning for.
  • Hey Juls! We are back huh Lol! 
  • I prove ko talaga. Petmalu akong magmahal! <3
  • Picking that up, what's your answer?
  • P R O V E I T T O M E ! !
  • Yeah! But not the same as Yesterday <3
  • Ikaw na nga maging lodi ko <3
  • Prove it to me, Carlos. I won't find any. Just prove it.