Level 9-12 Art Project
Updated: 3/9/2021
Level 9-12 Art Project

Storyboard Text

  • Level 9: The Living Room Basement. Timmy finds out that the kids are a Hive Mind and they are controlled by 1 A.I. Join Timmy in his quest to defeat the children by finding the weakness in the system.
  • Level 10: Over-Ruled Timmy fought off the A.I looking kids and proceeds to fight A.I, Danny, B's 2nd hand "man".
  • Level 11: Ressurection Timmy resurrected a dead rat using A.I's powers and the rat became a faithful pet/sidekick to help defeat the final boss, Danny B.
  • Level 12: The Night comes before the DayTimmy fights Danny B and his guards to free the kids from the basement.
  • Final cut sceneTimmy escapes the basement only to find the world destroyed, what remains is mutated and intoxicated by nuclear radiation. Timmy proceeds to accept his fate and walks towards the destroyed remains of his city.