Of mice and men
Updated: 5/18/2020
Of mice and men

Storyboard Text

  • George said not to talk to you
  • Please, I get awful lonely. But, whatcha got under that blanket?
  • My pup is dead, and George isn't gonna let me tend no rabbits now
  • But George is gonna be mad at me
  • It'll be okay, and don't worry about talking to me, they're all outside.
  • Why can't I talk to y'all! I ain't doing anything wrong!
  • George said you'll cause trouble
  • No one listens to me, and I ain't used to this. When I was fifteen...
  • Maybe I can hide the pup and George will let me tend the rabbits
  • Well I like to pet soft things.
  • Why do you like rabbits so much?
  • ... I coulda been famous.
  • My hair's so soft, wanna feel it?
  • Oooo
  • Hey! Don't muss it up!
  • But Lennie had panicked, and with Curley's wife yelling at him, he became angry and shook her around with her hair in his hand. And, he had snapped her neck.
  • Uh oh. I done another bad thing.