modern macbeth comic
Updated: 3/9/2020
modern macbeth comic
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  • you have much fortune coming to you in the form of a promotion soon young man
  • a modern day prophecy
  • how would you know that
  • wait shes blind maybe shes one of those oldschool oracles
  • the plan
  • honey a crazy old lady said i have a promotion on the way
  • well that obviously makes sense we need to do something to ensure you get it though
  • a snake in the grass
  • now to just plant this right here
  • Jeff hears from a strange old woman that he is to have a promotion soon. first he doesn't believe it at all but then sees the woman is blind so she must be an oracle.
  • the drugged up boss
  • we received a call about you sir may i search the office
  • your hat looks funny
  • Jeff tells his wife about the woman's prophecy and she immediately begins to plot on ways to get his current higher up fired to rush the promotion. they eventually decide on planting drugs in his bosses desk
  • end results
  • it worked corporate just had a meeting with me and promoted me
  • Jeff plants a large amount of drugs in his bosses desk while his wife calls anonymously calls the police saying the boss has been acting strange and violent. Jeff also spikes his drink to ensure he will be acting strange when the cops arrive
  • the truth
  • i had nothing to do with i just overheard your boss was gonna give you the position when he got promoted
  • thank you so much i got the promotion
  • the cop finds a substantial amount of various drugs in the managers desk enough to rival that of Hunter S. Thompson's collection and he is immediately arrested
  • jeff gets the promotion and the prophecy is complete
  • Jeff finds out he ruined his innocent and generous boss' life for no reason at all. turns out blind people aren't psychics just really good at hearing
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