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Updated: 9/20/2018
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  • Gredel murders the people in Herot for disturbing him with loud noise every night
  • They are being so dang loud, I' m fixing to go mess them up
  • Beowulf comes to save and protect Herot from the evil monsters attacks
  • boy, you look like the bottom of my foot and your mama is ugly
  • I' m about to slap the soul out of you
  • oooh, he said something about your mama
  • Beowulf defeats Grendel so now Grendels mother gets revenge on Herot. Beowulf sets out to go find her in the swamp full of monsters.
  • this place smells like doo doo
  • Beowulf finds Grendels mother and defeats her by cutting off her head with the magic sword that she kept in her layer
  • Too bad you forgot that that magic sword was laying there stupid
  • Your sword cant kill me kid
  • Years pass and Beowulf and Wiglaf go to kill a fiery dragon that has been terrorizing their city 
  • And this gold is fake
  • Your breath stinks
  • He is in a better place now and we will all remember him as a true hero
  • soon after the battle witht the dragon, Beowulf dies and his comrades build a tower in memory of him
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